Our AWESOME work.

Eyebind.com was founded by the illustrious team of Jeremy and Josh Graef located in the Hudson Valley of New York State. It was the natural extension of an earlier familial venture, Stoneface Productions, and took a more multimedia and web centered focus. Jeremy and Josh have decades of combined experience working with the web and have been successful in helping many people and businesses grow their online presence.

As Eyebind continues to grow and branch out into new and more exciting areas, Jeremy and Josh have made an effort to continuously reengage their efforts to always be at the forefront of web trends and design.

Out of sheer necessity, Josh learned to program websites in early 2000 to satisfy his lust for sharing information with others. During the first month, he knew this was what he wanted to do and spent the majority of his free time learning everything there was to know about web development. Finally after three years he was ready to take it to the next level and build his own company specializing in web development. Josh would later go to college and receive a bachelors of science degree in software engineering, but still has not lost his passion for the web. He is an eager consumer of new ideas and techniques and does not stop until it's done right.

"I started designing websites when the reigning trend was blown up 3Ds Max spheres and haven't gotten bored of it yet. Outside of web development, I enjoy analyzing crash dumps and bug fixing. I love to play the drums and am an aspiring flamenco guitarist as well as a photographer. My goal in life is to complete an IronMan triathlon in Kona Hawaii and finish strong. I've traveled much of the world, and although I grew up in the Hudson Valley, I found my home in Switzerland. I hope to return there one day."
—Josh Graef

Jeremy is the brewer of beers and thought.

"I am lazy and haven't thought of what I want to put here."
—Josh Graef on behalf of Jeremy